Merged Finance Testnet is now officially open

Dear Community,

we are thrilled to announce an important and longly anticipated milestone we have reached on the way to building a complete, fully-automated index protocol that aims at helping users to invest in diversified portfolios of crypto assets and earn passive income.

Our MVP Testnet is now open, and everyone can review and test out the core features of Merged Finance, and contribute to our product’s development by sharing your Testnet experience.

We are more than excited to let early users be the judges of our UI, and welcome all of you to evaluate various options of buying an index and redeeming it to its underlying assets.

All Testnet users will be rewarded for being early birds of testing our product and will first get access to cool exclusive features after the official release.

How to use Testnet?

To test out our features you only need to claim Testnet tokens and follow the simple steps described in the instructions below.

Step 1: Connect your Metamask wallet

Copy and paste the following data as it is shown in the screenshot below

Step 2: Switch your Metamask wallet to the Testnet

After switching the Network, hit the Claim button to claim your Testnet tokens.

Step 3: Press Write on the GetTokens method

Check your wallet, we’ll send the tokens to your Metamask address.

Add the following token smart contract to your wallet:

  • Avalanche index: “0xdb197117868cdF563D8BA8C5f9206D8080ef77b4”
  • Binance Smart Chain index: “0x6DF58e3B98d8fbc94b25e531ab15BD2AA8B4E0d6”
  • USDT: “0x9c960a5df8df917d6aF153b717312b225A1d8f55”
Step 3: Import Tokens
Step 4: Metamask will prompt to Connect Wallet
  • Enter the amount and hit the Review Order button
  • Check the order information and then click Approve
  • Success! You have received the TEST index in your wallet
Step 5: Select DEX Swap for buying the index
  • As soon as you receive the TEST index, try Redeem via Multiple Assets
  • Enter the amount and hit the Approve button
  • You will receive all the Underlying Assets
Step 6: Redeeming an index via Multiple Assets
  • As soon as you complete the previous step and get the underlying assets of the TEST index, select the Issue via a single asset option
  • Review your order and hit the Approve button
Step 7: Issuing the index via a single asset

We will analyze all your reports and select the contributors with the most valuable feedback who will receive rewards for helping us build a truly great multichain index protocol.

Thank you for testing out Merged Finance and stay tuned to our social channels for our upcoming updates.

Merged Finance Official channels:

Twitter ||Telegram ||Website



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A multi-chain protocol for investing in portfolios of underlying assets (Utility ⚙️, Governance ⚖️, LP tokens 🔋, and Vaults 🔒) represented by a single token